By berrysmotivation - March 19, 2018

When it comes to organising and having an organised space, I was the least person you could rely on growing up but things started to change when I became a doctor in training. I saw the need to live a more organised life and get things sorted when they need to be sorted, this makes me more productive as a doctor. Honestly, I still find it difficult sometimes and I know some people really struggle with coping especially young career mums or sometimes when the job gets overwhelming but I try these few exciting things to help.

Keeping a journal or planner: As much as I love journals, I still struggle to fill them or use them but I try to make a conscious effort every now and then to put down a to do list, write down ideas, budgets etc. This helps me keep a clear head-space. I think I just love the art of writing and its a good opportunity to do so. I also try to write down cases I have come across on the ward that I need to do further reading on and some jobs I have left undone the day before.

Quiet times: Quiet times helps me remember things I need to do or things I’ve left out. Sometimes I consciously turn off the TV for a whole day and stare into space thinking and planning. Ideas come in during quiet moments and I find myself being more productive when I have less distractions. 

Saying no to procrastination: I try to do things when I remember, turn in assignments presentations, audits and get things sorted immediately. It is difficult sometimes especially after a very long week or a very stressful day. Sometimes I just want to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate and a homemade sandwich but I give myself the extra push to do things as soon as I remember or I set a reminder immediately.

Organised home: Waking up very early on weekdays and getting back knackered makes me really lazy especially on weekdays but coming back to an untidy space sometimes even leaves me more stressed so I try to tidy up before I  go to bed just to be able to come home to a clean and uncluttered space. It leaves me less stressed and able to function at least for few hours before bed time to either read or work on my e-portfolio.

Productive non-working days: I get guilty sometimes when I'm not out on a Friday night or in the mall on a Saturday. I always feel like I'm missing out on lots but at the end of the day when I see how much I achieved just being indoors, I get less bothered. Truthfully I save more money being at home because I wouldn't be tempted to spend.

Hope you start your week being more organised. Give yourself a challenge this week to be more organised and see how much you achieve at the end of the week.

P.S My scrubs are from https://karagroup.co.uk/


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