How To Look 10 Times Younger

By berrysmotivation - March 05, 2018

I often get what I regard as compliments. My age is always guessed wrong and I am predicted to be at least 10 times younger. It comes with its advantages and disadvantages but I generally think it’s a good thing. I mean there's plenty of time to be old and act old so why not remain young and act young whilst you can. There is no trick to it as no one can stop the ageing process. Just like the law of gravity, what goes up must come down, we must all get older every year but ageing the right way is a good way to look at it and it’s all about looking after yourself.

These few tips may be useful.

Attitude: The right mindset and attitude is ultimate. A positive and good attitude towards life and people around you sums it all. This reflects back to you in ways you may never think of. So, if you are kind and nice to people, at least 10 out of 15 people will respond nicely to you and give you a warm smile which you respond to by smiling and we all know what they say about smiles, laughter and looking younger. A good attitude also reduces the frictions and fall outs you have with people and gives you peace of mind daily. You can’t trade peace of mind for anything else. It is priceless. Somethings I do that help are staying positive, seeing the positive in negative situations and avoiding negative conversations with self or with others.

Physical &mMental well-being: The right attitude gives you a good mental well-being but you also have to look after yourself physically. This can be done by eating right, exercising etc. You are what you eat. You do not have to be overweight to eat right or control how much calories you consume, what you eat reflects on the outside. Your skin, your breath, eyes, nails, hair etc. all benefit from eating clean and healthy. You not only look younger but feel and act younger because if the above mentioned parts of your body are in healthy shape, it reflects on the confidence you portray. Exercising 3-4 times a week is a good way to remain fit and healthy. Don't forget to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep everyday.

Clothes & Hair: What you wear is a reflection of your personality and personal style. People are different and so are personalities. Everyone can’t dress the same way or look the same way but choosing the right clothes for your body type is a good way to start. Think about your sense of style, does it make you look older or younger. Some people get lost in trends and not remembering to be cautious of how it makes them look. So let’s make wise clothing choices. Your hair also reflects your personal image. I try to choose hair styles that make me look young not just trendy.

Cosmetics & Makeup: Some products and chemicals are very harmful to the skin. Make wise choices and limit your purchase to natural products. Sometimes less is more. Less products on your skin especially less makeup makes you look younger. Indulge in makeup free days as much as you can, it gives the skin breathing space to rejuvenate itself from the continuous harm caused by countless amount of products applied daily.

Work, Life Balance: This is very important. I recently saw a movie where a father worked 3 jobs to pay the bills. In the process he missed out on the growth phase of his kids. He also missed out on lots of family time and intimate bonding with his partner. He taught he was doing the right thing by trying to provide for his family but he neglected his health, his family and life in general and he ended up in a place he never imagined he would be. There was no work life balance. He looked 10 times older than his age. It is very important to create a balance in everything you do. I say to myself every time I am tempted to use my free days to work an extra shift for money, what is the point of making money you do not have time to spend?

Kick start your week looking younger and brighter.

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