How To Ace your Medical exam.

By berrysmotivation - April 09, 2018

Preparing for medical exams can be really daunting. The thoughts of becoming a medical doctor and making everyone proud can can be overwhelming and the pressure may build up hence the reason you have to be ready to ACE all exams. Heard testimonies of people passing exams the first times and others after several attempts. Doesn't matter how long you have tried for or the difficulties you have been faced with. People are different and so are their opportunities in life. Essentially, the aim is reaching your goal and here are few ways you can.

Be ready: First step to passing any exam is being ready. You have to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready. Sometimes you may be emotionally unstable but one thing with being ready is psyching yourself that no matter what comes your way the main goal is passing that exam. Its also very important to be in a good state of health. Some people fall sick in between studying for exams and it delays the preparatory process and may affect the end result. So you have to be ready.

Create a study plan: I love study plans and this helps in so many ways. It guides you on what to do and how to do them. A plan just puts you in check all the time. Its like using a road map for directions. As part of the career coaching, berrysmotivation helps with creating study plans to help you in what ever exam you need to pass. Sign up here:

Have a daily or weekly target: A daily or weekly target helps you cover every area. Studying without a target is like travelling with no destination in mind. This helps you check if you have covered all areas or left certain areas uncovered. The secret is if you can't reach your daily target, you can catch up at the end of the week by reaching you weekly target.

Make notes: This bit is very important. Some people have different studying patterns but making notes helps you remember points you may easily forget and helps very well during revisions. I like to flip through pages during revisions and the only way I can do that is flip through my revision notes.

Avoid distractions: Oh! its like the devil comes to play when exams are approaching. Then you have countless distractions coming your way. You have to be able to deal with distractions and not let them prevent you from reaching your target. Common distractions are TV, Parties, Friends, Relationships, Social Media etc. These, you have to be able to deal with if you need to pass your exams.

Seek help: No man is a fountain of knowledge, you can't know it all. You need to be able to identify those weak areas and ask for help when you need to. Some people are very confident in what they know and require no help, it may work for them, but every one is different. Know what works for you. Don't be shy to even ask a colleague or someone is a lower position than you.

Set out time for revision: When I study, I leave the last few weeks or last month to revise only. I like the idea of flipping through pages when the exam is close. That's why making notes is very important.

Have your goal in mind always: Essentially this is the main aim of preparing. Your goal in mind all the time, keeps you in check. It helps you re-focus when you get distracted. Its like travelling and the main aim of that trip is getting to your destination. Regardless of the delays or weather disturbances, you are still focused on getting to your destination. There is no point in time during that journey that you decide to change your destination because I can't get to point A, let me just stay at point B. That is rarely the case. So focus and have your goal in mind every time.

Early start: As much as I like to read reviews and seek opinions when I need to prepare for an exam, I create a plan that works for me which means starting early. For example, if someone tells me I prepared for that exam in 3months, I give myself 4months. This gives me enough time for revision. Also starting too early may be tricky because of different abilities to retain knowledge but then again its all about creating a balance.

What exams are you preparing for? Do you need help or advise? I sincerely hope this helps you as you prep and plan for those exams. All the best and sign up for berrysmotivation career coaching for study tips, help and more. Sign up here

Have a lovely week.

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