The Nurse Doctor Drama

By berrysmotivation - April 23, 2018

I walked into A&E on my first day at work and my first task was to cannulate a patient. It wasn't a joke because I had done this several times, I had 2 years post graduation experience so I had no excuse whatsoever to be ignorant. The task wasn't the problem but I didn't even know where the equipment was kept. There were other safety equipment I had not familiarised myself with and this wasn't my fault because I had only practised in a country where these things were not readily available.

The first voice I heard whilst I was lost looking for everything I needed was that from someone in blue. A nurse! I didn't know if he was being sarcastic or being serious. I heard whats your grade? do you know what you are doing? As calm as I could be I smiled away and acted like I knew what I was doing but I obviously felt very cold and embarrassed. Moving on, I got settled in but it was a struggle because starting a new job on a bad first impression isn't always the best. It can only take extreme hard work to change a lasting first impression. Many people have stories to tell. There are good and bad ones. There nurses who are married to doctors, some doctors may have quit their jobs because of the unbearable working environment. The list goes on.

There are ways to deal with the drama. Its always best to know that everyone is working in the best interest of the patient and only when you remember this, you be able to avoid taking things to heart.

Smile through: There is no point being upset or angry with anyone. Smile through your day at work and remain positive. A positive attitude is most of what you need in a pressure filled environment. No need for paybacks. I know some doctors order tests for patients just to keep nurses on their feet, whilst some nurses may bleep the doctors countless times for irrelevant things just to keep them pacing round the hospital. Chill, no more drama.

Thick skin: You need a thick skin to prevent things from getting to you. Cry at home but at work you need a hard exterior to push away every negative energy. As a medical professional, you need to act professionally and always in the best interest of your patients. Not everyone will like you or your attitude at work, once you remember that, work becomes easier.

Be open minded: Be open to criticism. You actually learn lots from nurses as most of them have multiple years of experience. There is also something to learn from doctors too regardless of their years of experience. If your aren't a master of your trade yet, with few added years of experience you will become one. Learn as much as you can learn, ask questions when you need to .

Avoid conflicts: This may come up when you least expect but be able to resolve this amicably when you have you. You don't have to prove anyone wrong or right. Do your job, save lives. Avoid the drama.

Listen: You may not always be right. Sometimes its best to take the back seat and listen. We actually learn more by listening.

Will the nurse/doctor drama ever end? I am not sure but try these and see how easy work gets. Share your thoughts or experiences below.


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