We are products of our choices.

By berrysmotivation - June 05, 2018

Here's what I think.

I think we are products of our choices. Your dreams and aspirations make or break you. I heard the story of a very popular drug Lord who was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 50. From a very little age, his mum told him to be whatever he wanted to be regardless of what it took, meaning good or bad he had her approval to make it by whatever means possible. Growing up in an environment with drug trafficking being the main stay, he opted for that as the way forward.  Now truth be told, some may say he is a product of his mums choice but it was left for him to take the advice and make something of it. While others may beg to differ and say, he was young and his mums words formed his thought process others will say at least he got to a certain point in life where he was able to differentiate good from bad.

In other words, he grew up to become a man and he still made a choice to be what he wanted to be. His choices may have broken him but then again others may see light where there isn't by saying he benefited from his choices to an extent before he was caught. At least he was rich and lived a luxurious life before imprisonment. Many have stories to tell like living a very decent life, then things happen to you in life and you go all the way round to live a different kind of life, one you aren't proud of but you just don't care anymore. As much as that is understandable, we still have to be very conscious of our ideas, decisions and actions.

What I think is certain decisions, choices, ideas and those you spend time with will affect you in ways you may not imagine. Choices of career, life partner, friends, all lies within you to make. Sometimes you may make all the right choices but still end up nowhere good that's what I call the challenges of life. Rather than give up, you have to get up and get out. Re-start your thought process, create a new path, reset your mind then watch how things pan out.

Let us make wise choices.
Cheers Mute.

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