Lessons Learned so far in Paediatrics

By berrysmotivation - September 17, 2018

You've only got one take to life. Not so many people had the opportunity to live beyond a certain age, live their dreams and do things they love. I am currently doing a 6 months rotation in paediatrics and I have the opportunity to pass through most of the sub-specialties. I find it really interesting and most importantly there is so much to learn as I prepare for in independent practise in the next few years by Gods grace.
In general paediatrics I come across cases that you see everyday, from viral induced wheeze to bronchiloitis and even deliberate self harm which I find really interesting because it only makes it even more certain that mental health problems starts from a very young age. Moving on to the department where I get really emotional. Paediatrics oncology and paediatrics neurology/neurosurgery. How do you explain to a mum that her 5 year-old has just been diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumour that could potentially lead to death in few months if not weeks or tell a mum that her 1 year old has to be palliated because every medical intervention for a complicated form of hydrocephalus hasn't been successful. It ranges from good news to bad news. There are obviously successes.
 let me share you a recent success story in the neurosurgery/endocrine unit.

An 11year-old presented to hospital with a 1 month history of worsening vision. She had seen her GP who referred after few visits to have an MRI done. The MRI results showed a macroprolactinoma. Prolactine levels were 160000. All other blood tests were unremarkable. On further review, the neurosurgeons placed her on Carbagoline for 48hours to bring down the prolactine levels and possibly lead to a reduction in the size of the tumour. We consulted the ophtamology team for review as the vision in the right eye was progressively worsening. On review they advised that the tumour was creating too much pressure on the optic chiasm and if no surgical intervention in 48hours, she could possibly lose her vision completely. She was taken to theatre, a decompressive surgery was done and she got better although her vision wasn't completely restored as it could take time.

This is a success story, and one I'm happy to share as it is positive. In all of these good and not so good cases I come across I have learnt so much just few weeks in the paediatrics department and I have learnt to not only appreciate life and good health even more but to always be the best version of my self as I said earlier on, we only have one take to life.

These are 5 ways you can be the best version of yourself.

Believe in yourself: I have had phases in life where I believed so much in myself and phases when I haven't. My lack of belief in myself started when I found myself in a toxic relationship as if that wasn't enough, I began to practise in a foreign country where medicine is taken more seriously. I felt intimidated because I didn't have same medical training as most people I worked with and that really affected my self confidence but with time, I began to build it more, I said positive things to myself, it didn't matter where you schooled, I worked on my confidence and realised I was becoming and still on the path to being the best version of myself.

Do what you love: Its not what your spouse, family or friends want but it is what you want. Doing what you love leaves you fulfilled and it brings out the best in you. You may be stuck doing something else right now, that is absolutely fine, but most importantly work towards doing what you love and one day you will find yourself doing just that.

Stay off toxic relationships: Bad relationships have a way of drifting us off our path. You find yourself trying to please people at the other end and you forget about you. If it isn't working, you do not add to each others lives whether you are just friends or emotionally involved with each other, I believe in letting go and finding a circle that would bring out the best in you and help you grow at same time. It took me years to realise it was time to let go of a relationship that wasn't even in existence, It wasn't very easy, no one says it would but when I left, I felt a sudden growth and I have no regrets till date.

Keep moving: Life is like a never ending story, there is never an end till we die. The moment we cross a hurdle, its like an invisible hurdle suddenly erupts from nowhere. When I achieve a goal, I pick up new challenges, it keeps me going, keeps my brain working and makes me better. There may be things that make you take breaks in life like a new baby, relocating etc but when that phase passes, keep moving. Don't let nothing or anyone stop you from moving, keep the ship sailing and if they care so much they will sail on with you.

Grow a thick skin: I personally get very emotional, I read facial expressions and sometimes take things too personal.When I started to discover myself more and realised I constantly fell victim of people who took advantage of my weakness, I realised that I needed to be immune to most of what people say, think or how they feel about me. Sometimes it does matter to know how you are perceived on the outside but most often, people only get jealous, envious or intimidated and look for any means possible to weaken you. Someone spoke to me few months ago and told me to be human and emotionally intelligent meaning study people, understand body language and that way things wouldn't get to you. Thing is paying attention to most of these things people, think, say or feel about us, makes us lose our confidence, hide in the shadow of others making it impossible to be the best version of yourself. Always remember, people are entitled to their opinions but their opinions shouldn't stop you from being yourself and living your dreams.

Have an amazing week.

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