The beauty in failing.

By berrysmotivation - October 17, 2018

As a little girl in an African home, failure was never an option as a matter of fact, you had to explain every time someone did better than you. I remember telling my mum when I was younger that the boy who came top of the class had an advantage because he was taller than I was at the time. We always find excuses for failing by blaming ourselves or others. The beauty in failure is that there is so much to learn from it and it only takes a humble and receptive mind to learn from a failing experience.
I remember failing an exam once and I thought of the worst. I was so worried about what people thought of me, I told myself off, I blamed myself and blamed everyone around and when the blaming game was over, I had nothing else to do but sit up and face the world.
Most times we concentrate in the failing experience and forget to see the beauty of it all and here are the few things failure teaches us.

Failure makes us stronger: It gives you an experience that cannot be bought, it builds you, gives you strength and resilience to fight back and most times we find ourselves in the position to teach and encourage others. I cry everytime I fail at something but I always find myself stronger when I get over it. Most times my own words make me bounce back even better.

Failure takes us out of our comfort zone: You may never know the extent to which you can go without going through a difficult experience such as failure. I never would have gotten to the position I wanted if I didn't fail at few attempts. Every time something didn't work out, I told myself its time to try something else, perhaps leave that comfort zone and try a new experience. Most times we get so comfortable in a particular situation or environment and until we fail at that position, we wouldn't think of moving out. Failure wakes you up and tells you its time to get working and moving again. 

Failure makes us humble: There is nothing wrong in being kind and humble, I get so upset when I come across arrogant people. It takes nothing to stay humble. Often times we get so caught up on top that we fail to realise that there is absolutely no harm in humility. You only see the other side of the coin when you fail and from that experience you learn that humility takes us farther in life that any form of arrogance.

Failure makes us act: Its so comfortable to succeed in everything we do that we don't even make efforts at the next attempts. We just sit and wait for the actions to take place. Sometimes we wait for others to think for us, act for us or help us make big decisions in life. Some people only come alive when they fail and that's the beauty in failure, its like a rebirth. You begin to take actions you should have taken ages ago.

Failure creates opportunities: Imagine succeeding in that line of business or career and you get so comfortable doing just that one thing. Then imagine failing at it? what next would you do? We only source for new opportunities when we fail at one. The beauty in failure is that you begin to source for new opportunities when one fails you and that creates plenty of room to try different options.

Don't ever be ashamed of failing or sharing your failing experience. That is not to say make attempts to fail but remember there is the beauty to everything that happens in life, we just need to find it. Make attempts to succeed but when you fail at an attempt or attempts think of it as failure leading to success. Come back better and stronger.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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