How To Make The Most of Your Summer Holiday.

By berrysmotivation - July 16, 2019

How many years do you get to spend in Medical school? I spent 6 years meaning I had 5 summer holidays. 6 beautiful years, no regrets but I keep thinking back to how I spent all 5 summer holidays. I spent most of it going back home to Nigeria for medical electives. Did I learn much? Yes, I did but it could have been better. I was really naive and didn't plan so much for the holidays. I basically went with the flow, did few weeks of electives and that was it. Its a long time and there's absolutely so much that can be done.
With the medical students I currently mentor, there is something I tell all of them, have a plan. So I cooked up a summer holiday plan for anyone who may not have plans on how to make the most of their holiday.

Have fun reading.

1. Reflect: Reflect on the previous semester and see what areas need improvement, seek help if needed. Reflect on non-academic areas ( finances, friend, health, general well being etc) and see what you would have done better.

2. Make a plan: Have a plan of all you hope to achieve. Your current year of study will guide you in making the plan. If this is the last summer holiday before graduation, it means you should be planning on the next steps to take after medical school. So this summer holiday is the most crucial of them all. This should be the most strategic one with plans already in place for after graduation.

3. Medical electives & Conferences: This is also very important as it gives you an idea of what being a doctor feels like. You can have it done in your home country or a country you hope to practice after graduation just to have an idea of that country and you may still have time to change your mind if you do not like the way things are. Conferences aren't that important but I think it gives room for exposure and networking. You may or may not present at the conference but it will be worth the experience.

4. Learn a new language: Not everyone may like the sound of this but some people are thinking of practicing in countries like Germany where you will be required to understand and speak German. You will also be required to provide a certificate as proof that you understand basic German language. Summer holiday is perfect timing to attend language classes for what ever language you think will be of interest to you.

5. Exams: Never wait till the last minute to start studying. Give yourself more than enough time to prepare for the exams. If it means staying back, that should be fine as it gives you a quiet, serene environment to study.  Exams like USMLE needs 100% concentration. You really can't do much whilst studying for that exam so you may need to make the sacrifice now.

6: Learn something new: Say you are still early on in medical school, now is the time to put your hobby to good use or learn a new skill. Perfect it, as it may come in handy at anytime. Photography, blogging, vlogging, makeup, wig making etc. There is so much you can learn and who knows you may start making money off it soon.

7. Relax. Above all create time to rest and just chill. Life isn't that serious you know. Create a balance. Yes you have to make plans, study e.t.c but you still need to re-energize for the next academic year. Don't forget to declutter, get rid of things ( old books, clothes, shoes etc.) you wouldn't need anymore

Finally make the best of your summer holiday, striking a balance and living without regrets.

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