When Is The Best Time To Start Residency/Training?

By berrysmotivation - July 08, 2019

Just because you are on a different path, doesn't mean you are lost. If you have chosen a path in medicine that works for you that is absolutely fine, if you have chosen to not get into residency or training that's also absolutely fine but if you have decided that training or residency is for you then this post is for you.
Medicine as a career seems endless. The countless exams to sit for, does it really end? It's no wonder many have chosen to halt at a particular phase and are happy with it.
However, in my little experience as a doctor, I have come across many who got into residency early on in their career and others who had waited till later. Truth is those who waited till later, later never happened.
 However, the best time I think to get into residency is when you are ready, when you feel ready but here are few things to put into consideration when making your decision.

The younger you are the better: You will be receptive and happy to be led and much more open to constructive criticism. You will also stand a better chance of coping with work related stress. Think of having to wake up so early on most days, be on your feet for the longest hours or have your work hours chosen for you. All these come with being at the bottom of the food chain but the the higher you advance in your career as a medical doctor the better chances you have of working independently and be able to choose your work hours.

Less distractions: You may or may not have started a family but at this point it is most likely the family is still young and growing, so less distractions when it comes to family. As you get older and begin to start a family, you realize you wouldn't have as much time to study for exams or more. One kid then comes the other and the other depending on how many you want to have. Of course you wouldn't want to raise kids in your old age so you most likely would want to start a family and get the ball rolling.

Better chances of being accepted: As stated above, it is easier to be led whilst young as many employers would consider your age when deciding on acceptance. They obviously want someone who is young, active and vibrant and not the other way round.

You will be surrounded by like minds: It would rather be intimidating or boring to be surrounded by people in different age groups. If you were older, you wouldn't find work as much fun as the younger ones as you most likely would feel out of place. So I say to people, the younger the better.

The earlier the better: You stand a better a chance of finishing early with an opportunity to try anything else. Say for instance you decide on family medicine, then you get tired of it,  you can still try other options as you have started early and would probably still have enough time to play with.

Are you scared of making that big career decision, bothered about choices or confused? Not sure where to start?
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