5 Things To Get You Through The Rest Of The Year

By berrysmotivation - August 27, 2019

Its the end of August and almost September. Where has time really gone? I remember starting the year very pregnant, waiting for my maternity leave to kick in and in absolute anticipation for the arrival  of my little one. Here I am in August already counting days to go back to work. I had lots of plans for the maternity leave and most of which I have accomplished but some are still on my wish list. I have thought to myself so many times, what really keeps us going, some people give up along the way and others keep pushing regardless.
I try to tell myself to keep pushing regardless of an outcome. Even if I eventually achieve what I set out to achieve, I set new goals and look forward to new challenges. Why give up when you can still breathe and think.

So, here are 5 practical things you can do to get you through the rest of the year.

Motivate yourself: Never surround yourself with people who only see negatives in situations. I am a dreamer and sometimes I share my wishes, thoughts and ideas with people, only very few times I get motivated by their words because at the end of the day most people would leave you very unmotivated, giving you a thousand and one reasons why a plan or an idea would never work. Not to say do not listen to people but I like to listen to people who are ready to build houses from rejected stones and not from perfectly made stones. At the end of the day you may be the only person willing to motivate yourself.

Be confident. One thing I have come to realize that kills perfectly thought out plans, is the lack of confidence to execute those plans. We find ourselves bothered about the approval of the world. I'm learning to appreciate the very little things. I have gotten to a level of appreciation that even if as little as one person appreciates your hard work, it is good enough and may be better than the thousands of unapproved appreciations. So lets work towards achieving our goals confidently.

Never give up: I think I have talked about this over a trillion times on this blog that its beginning to become a motto. I mean why give up? I have failed some exams and almost thought of giving up but my never give up attitude has brought me this far. Try one last time or maybe one more time before the last time and you will be surprised at how much you will achieve or learn before the end of the year.

Avoid comparison. Never ever compare yourself or situation to that of others. Everyone has a journey and a story to tell, no 2 stories must be the same. Stay on your lane and mind your business. That picture perfect life, or picture perfect career may not be picture perfect after all it may all just be photo shopped.

Get started now. What if tomorrow never comes. Procrastination just kills the dream. Start, now, act now, set those goals and achieve them. There would never be a perfect time to get things done, if you think it, you can do it. Don't wait until tomorrow to do that which can be done today.

Try these 5 things and see how the rest of the year goes.

Have a lovely week.

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