Common PLAB 1 Mistakes

By berrysmotivation - July 10, 2020

I remember writing about my journey to getting registered with the GMC and I got lots of following and feedback. Lots of people were interested and are still interested. There has been a huge increase in the number of international medical graduates that have gotten registered in the last few years and the number is still on the increase. Unfortunately there are still lots of people who have not been able to get through the exams.
There are multiple reasons why the exam may seem difficult to some people. I will talk about few mistakes people make and possible solutions to those mistakes.

Common reasons are:

Time: You don't rush an exam, it is a medical exam and you are required to cover a certain curriculum. It may take some people few weeks to few months and it may take others longer. I tell people, do not compare yourself to others. Know what you are capable of and give yourself more than enough time to prepare. As an international medical graduate, the PLAB exam may cover certain areas you are not used to, so you need extra time to go through the study materials over and over again. TIME IS KEY.
Distractions: It is the world of social media, before you know it, you find yourself scrolling through titter, instagram or facebook or now making tiktok videos. They are fun and I have absolutely nothing against any of the platforms but you need to be disciplined. You need to put first things first. Some sacrifices will need to be made. Go into hibernation if you need to. Put a hold to toxic relationships if you have to. Decline unnecessary invites and be strict with your schedule. Remember you may still have a job, so working and studying may not be easy so you need to avoid other forms of distractions, Eyes on the prize.
Reading outside the curriculum. As I said earlier, it is a new curriculum to you, you need to read what is required of you. It isn't the time to prove you know too much. There may be no need to read in depth as though it were medical school exams, they know you have graduated from medical school, what they need now is application of your medical knowledge and not much about the basics. If you know the basics, it could be an added advantage to know more but just stick to the required curriculum for PLAB 1.
Cramming question banks: Question banks may be recalls, that's fine, some may just be a reflection of what the question may be like. It is not okay to cram question banks because they will rephrase this questions and you may just be lost in the exam hall. Read, do not cram, which is the reason you need enough time.
Lack of Motivation: I always say to people, do it for you, do it because you want it not because you have been forced to or because others are doing same. If you do not have a vision or a plan for yourself, it will be difficult to get through this exam. You have to want it, the hunger to achieve your dreams will give you the motivation to invest time and even money to passing the exam.

My next post will be about PLAB 2. I was going to write both here but I think it's best to take it in steps, so let's keep our fingers crossed for the next one. 
What are your thoughts?

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