Berrysmotivation is a health and lifestyle blog I set up couple of years ago with an aim to inspire and motivate young professionals. With time I started to evolve and discover myself more in Medicine, so I began to focus more on young medical professionals. I share insightful articles based on experiences, shared experiences and my aim to keep young minds active and productive. That has been successful as there is a growing community of loyal readers who have really been positive about the blog.
Serving as a Medical Mentor, I have also created an online mentoring platform with an aim to guide anyone seeking a meaningful path in medicine. I feel our generation has lots to offer and it is my passion to see people live their dreams. I have successfully groomed a number of medical students into finding a path in medicine. Some of them are currently in their dream jobs in the U.K and U.S and some are on their way there. To get in touch you can send an email to berrysmotivation@gmail.com or you can feel the contact form on the consultation page. 

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